I started going to Round Oak shortly after my husband, Mitch, and I were married in 2009. When we quickly expanded our family to include three energetic boys; it became more important than ever for us to give them a strong Christian based upbringing and to lead by that example. I actually left the “paying” work force to homeschool two of our boys, and we are still on that adventure.

In my previous career pursuits, I was a licensed nurse and worked on a cardiac unit for a short time. I completed a minor in accounting as part of a business degree that I promptly shifted to an Undergraduate in Information Systems. I went on to work as a Documentation Specialist with an implementation team for Nuclear Cyber Security at North Anna Power Station.  

I’m excited to apply my education and skill-set to helping ensure that Round Oak Baptist Church thrives in our community as a place of worship, service, friendship, and fun.

Nedra Hayden | Treasurer