Beginning September 13th, there will be a brief 15-20 minute "children's time" following the worship service.  We will meet outside, under the trees behind the parsonage!  You can bring a beach towel to sit on....we will spread WAAAAY out in family units!  Masks will be optional outside. The children's SMBS teachers will take turns each week doing a brief devotional or bible story and we can have a chance to visit and share, laugh and enjoy SEEING each other!  We might play a distanced game or act a story out.  We've missed you a lot!  We will meet each Sunday as long as the weather cooperates and until it begins to get too chilly.  

Parents, you are welcome to join in, take some time to visit other parents in the parking lot, or run a quick lunch-pick up, etc.  You don't need to attend service to come at 11:00 for "children's time."  We hope to see a bunch of smiling faces this Sunday!  Worship with your family and see your friends too?...sounds like a great time!  (Side note, you might want to use the bathroom before heading over as we will not be re-entering the church building!)


If you are still more comfortable worshiping at home with your family, please don't forget to utilize great FREE resources from Lifeway.  They still have available all of the Spring and Summer Quarter lessons for preschoolers and children. There are videos and coloring/activity pages, and the children's section has family discussion questions.  Follow this link:

and scroll down to Step 1: go to

to create an account, or log in if you already have one. 

Once you've logged in....scroll over under the FREE section (you have to go over quite a bit) until you find Lifeway KIDS at home, or Lifeway PRESCHOOL at home (or both depending on your families needs).  Click on whichever one you'd like. They haven't loaded fall quarter yet, and may not, but the past 5 months are all still available for free.  While you're in the digital pass, you may find some other great free resources for your kids, or for Moms/Dads/Families!  


Let us know in what other ways we can be serving your little ones during this time!  We continue to pray for you and we miss being in class together each week!  We hope to see some of you at a Sunday "Children's Time."



Children's SMBS teachers: Paula Dustin, Lynda Hester and Samantha Hall