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It’s a Tribe of men who’ve decided to reject isolation, get out of their comfort zones, and form a real band of brothers. That’s why our motto is: Tribal. Rugged. Real. Men’s Alliance originated in Richmond, VA in 2017 and now has Tribes across North America


Men, come join our Men’s Alliance Oak Tribe for 1 hour a week on Saturday mornings starting at 8am in the back field beside the parsonage. We do a 30 minute outdoor workout followed by a 30 minute devotion around a fire. Regardless of your age, 13-113, you can be a part of Men’s Alliance.

Our mission is to sharpen men to become the husbands, fathers, and leaders God designed us to be. It’s not a fitness group; the workout is just our icebreaker. Men tend to bond better during shared struggles. It’s not a Bible study, each devotion is a conversation about biblical solutions for common struggles.


Visit to learn more. For more info on Oak Tribe; see Tribe Leader Jason Roche’

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